Here at Pretty Clean Shop, you can be sure that the products we offer are good for both you and the planet. We strive to provide our community with effective and sustainable products that will make our clients and their homes look good and feel great at the same time. Reasonably priced, made without sacrificing the quality of ingredients and materials used.

If we can’t find something to our standards, we create it ourselves in-house through our Pretty Clean Living brand. No need to settle when you shop at Pretty Clean Shop!

Sustainability is the spine of our business, which is why we have adopted the following standards for the products we source. 

SAFETY Formulations and ingredients: safe, sustainable, natural or naturally-derived ingredients carefully formulated and tested to ensure product stability.

Ensuring that the products we sell are composed of safe, sustainably-sourced ingredients and materials is one of our highest priorities. This means that we offer products that are non-toxic, biodegradable, natural or naturally-derived, and safe for the environment, humans, and animals as much as possible. We consult extensively with a cosmetic chemist who advises on formulations and ingredients of the products we offer on our shelves. 

Many of the products we offer are organic and vegan, as this can often be the most sustainable and ethical option. However, there are times when this is not the most sustainable choice, and in those cases we will favour a more sustainable option. For instance, sometimes a fair-trade certified product will be more sustainable and have more of a positive social impact than an organic alternative. This is an ethic the brands we work with also subscribe to.

SOURCING - Ethical, sustainable, and as much as possible, local.

Consciously-curated products are our specialty. Ethical and sustainable sourcing of raw materials, ingredients, and products, whether that be directly by us or by the brands we work with, is another standard that we work hard to uphold here at Pretty Clean Shop. This means that we source and prioritize products that are fair-trade certified, grown through sustainable agricultural practices, cruelty-free, and certified with no child labour used throughout the supply chain. We love partnering with companies that emphasize social and environmental responsibility.

We are also committed to sourcing our products locally within Toronto and Canada as much as possible – particularly for our care and cleaning products! We favour local brands because we strongly believe in supporting the local economy while minimizing the environmental impact of shipping the product to our store in the Junction. We also source some brands and products from other parts of the country and world, such as our extensive brush collection from Redecker sourced from Germany, whenever we are unable to source comparable alternatives made within Canada. 

PACKAGING - Minimal, reusable, and refillable

When it comes to packaging, we believe that less is more! We favour package-free products first and foremost, as well as glass, bamboo, recycled cardboard, pure aluminum, and stainless-steel packaging. We stay away from single-use plastic!

We are proud to offer a wide variety of refillable products. From cleansers to shampoos to toothpaste to laundry detergent, we are committed to making it easier for you to reduce your single-use packaging impact. While some of our products currently come packaged in plastic bottles or with plastic pumps, we only offer these when we also provide the product packaged in refill jars. As our business grows, we are committed to continuing to work with our partners to find better alternatives that make the most sense for the environment, our customers, the brands themselves, and us.

In store and online, you can see which products are refillable at Pretty Clean Shop by looking for the logo shown below:



If you believe your brand is in alignment with our standards surrounding ingredients, sourcing, and packaging and would like to apply to be a vendor at Pretty Clean Shop, we would love to hear from you! Send us an email at