Though I’ve always been health and eco-conscious, it was only after having my first child that I became more concerned with everything that came into our house and our bodies.
So began my journey of “cleansing” my life and our family home of harmful chemicals. I explored and discovered my way to a core of beautiful brands and safe alternatives to the “canon” of mainstream cleaning and personal care products. I considered both product and packaging, as eco-anxiety pummelled me and single-use plastics lapped the shores of our collective conscience. I even dabbled in DIY, but longed to make a bigger contribution by bringing natural, effective, sustainable products to more people.
Once I began my research and had scratched the surface, I quickly realized there are countless wonderful brands of beauty and cleaning products, many of which are produced locally, that fulfilled my three key criteria of being safe, effective, and low in waste.
After many years daydreaming about running my own business, in 2018, with the unconditional support from my husband and my family, l left my corporate sales job and delved into the process of founding this company. That way I can continue this life-giving treasure hunt, hoping to offer to my community an opportunity to embrace these home and body care gems as guiltlessly as I do.
Pretty Clean Shop Ltd. was born to offer in one place, effective and beautiful products, as well as functional accessories for the home, body and personal care, made with safe ingredients, free of toxins and perfectly (un)packaged.
Pretty Clean Shop Ltd is proudly 100% female founded and owned.
I hope you enjoy our collection.