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Pretty Clean Shop is committed to a low-waste philosophy, delivering sustainable, safe, biodegradable, high-quality beauty and cleaning products to our ethically minded clientele.



  • We strive to provide our community with products that will make our clients and their homes look good and feel good at the same time. Our products are effective and sustainable at a reasonable price, without sacrificing the quality and safety of ingredients used.
  • To reduce waste by discouraging single-use plastic items and packaging and to provide accessible, convenient bulk refills when possible. We will continue to explore better options for packaging and shipping with our suppliers as we move towards a plastic free future - the way it should be!

Sustainability is the spine of our project/business.  Meaning, we look at:

  • Ingredients: non-toxic, biodegradable, natural or naturally-derived, safe for environment, humans and animals. 
  • Sourcing: of raw materials, ingredients and products. Sourcing can be done directly by us, and/or by brands we work with for the products they make. The products we source come from brands that have ethical sourcing practices (i.e. fair trade, sustainable agriculture, certification of no-child labour, no animal testing).
  • Packaging: minimal, reusable, refillable. We favour glass, bamboo, pure aluminum, stainless steel. We stay away from single use plastic. We offer a limited selection of products in their original packaging of plastic bottles/pumps (only because we also have that product available for refills). As our business grows we will continue to work with our partners to find better alternatives that make most sense to the environment, the consumers, the brands, and us.
  • Care and Cleaning products are made in Canada. Whenever possible, we favour local brands, because it’s more sustainable than bringing a product from afar. There are some products for which the best option is from other parts of the country, in which case, we will source from them.
  • Organic and Vegan are desirable qualities in the products we source, but sometimes that is not the most sustainable choice, in which case, we favour the more sustainable option. There are instances where a fair trade product will be more sustainable and have a more positive social impact than an organic version. This is an ethic the brands we work with also subscribe to.
  • We carry some accessories manufactured in other parts of the world, as we are presently unable to source comparable alternatives made within Canada.


  • A marketplace of consciously curated products for taking care of your body, hair, skin and home.
  • Clean beauty products made in Canada with safe ingredients and without cruelty or toxins that are gentle on you and on the environment.
  • Ingredients that are sourced from companies with an emphasis on social and environmental responsibility.
  • To promote local producers of these products when possible, or to seek out producers with relatively close geographical proximity.
  • Online orders.
  • Workshops and DIY parties for school aged kids and adults, 8-10 ppl max per party.
  • Whenever the manufacturer and the formula allows it, products are available for bulk refills in store.