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Mme L’Ovary - Nighttime Period Underwear Menstrual Care Mme Lovary
Mme L’Ovary - Nighttime Period Underwear Menstrual Care Mme Lovary
Mme L’Ovary - Nighttime Period Underwear Menstrual Care Mme Lovary XS

Mme L’Ovary - Nighttime Period Underwear

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One pair of night time period underwear. 

To make sure you're in order of the right size, please check the size chart.

  • This time, there are no removable pads to change (because in the night we sleep tight and dream wildly!)
  • FULL integrated coverage throughout the panties- keeping you clear of night time leaks anywhere. The equivalent of an extra-long pad that covers your entire back side!
  • The protection covers the front and backside of the panty to avoid leakage when you're lying down.
  • So whichever way you lay while you sleep, you can rest worry-free!

Here are the 2 steps to select the size that will best fit  you!

  1. Measure your yourself around the Hip, where it's the widest, as shown in the picture below.
  2. Compare your measurments in the size chart. You will then find the size of the corresponding underwear. So your Mme L'Ovary will be a perfect fit.

Mme L’Ovary products are:

  • Eco-Friendly – No more smelly trash each month! Washable, reusable, sustainable, and adorable.
  • Reliable – Optimal protection tested and approved for all types of activities. Absorbancy designed for light, moderate, or heavy flow.
  • Practical – The removable pads easily change and adapt to your flow, without having to remove your panties or your pants. Literally easier than changing a sanitary pad.
  • Healthy – Vaginal mucuous membranes absorb what they touch. No more toxic chemicals contained in tampons or sanitary pads. Without nano-particles.
  • Comfortable – No feeling moisture or plastic between your legs. No smell thanks to the absorbent cotton, a fiber that is naturally breathable.
  • Self-sufficient – No more endless shopping at the pharmacy and expenses ($) every month.


Removable Pads: 1 thin 100% cotton layer, 3 layers of cotton fleece, 1 anti-leak layer.

Panties: 94% cotton, 6% lycra.

Built-In Layer: 1 thin 100% cotton layer, 1 layer of cotton fleece, 1 waterproof anti-leak layer.


It’s like washing a “normal” panty except that there’s 1 more step: give them a rinse in cold water.

1- Rinse: place the panties, removable pads, and small carrier bags in a bowl of cold water for 20 minutes. Extract the blood from the fabric and rinse thoroughly. Throw the water out (or give it to your plants).

2- Wash: by hand or machine wash in warm water with mild soap. Add a few drops of tea tree essential oil for anti-bacterial action.

3- Dry: flat, in the sun, or in the open air!


This product is packaged in a reusable carrying bag composed of 50% cotton and 50% polyester.


Alternative for disposable pads and tampons. Reusable period underwear can save the waste of at least 2400 disposable pads or tampons per user.


This product should be used for as long as possible and then donated for a new life.


Mme L’Ovary wants to inspire women to understand their menstrual cycle by accessing healthy discussions and concrete practices allowing them to live in harmony with their body and the planet. Their mission is to offer an alternative to sanitary pads and disposable tampons to reduce toxic waste on Earth and to spread a positive message around menstruation.

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