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Breast Massage Oil by Living Libations Feminine Care Living Libations

Breast Massage Oil by Living Libations

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Throw off the bras that bind and be your breasts’ best friend.

Living Libations Breast Massage Oil is formulated with breast-friendly oils that, when applied with massage, unburden the chest and bestow breast-balance blessed by botanicals. A relaxed breast massage with this monoterpene-rich Breast Massage Oil gives your breasts some breathing space. This massage oil absolves accumulation, flows the fluids, enhances the skin.

50 ml

Organic Ingredients:
Broccoli Seed Oil -Brassica oleracea
Cumin Seed Oil - Cuminum cyminum
Calendula Oil - Calendula officinalis
Saint John’s Wort Oil - Hypericum perforatum Blossom Oil infused in Jojoba - Simmondsia chinensis
Frankincense Oil - Boswellia carterii
Grapefruit Oil - Citrus paradisi
Rose Otto Oil - Rosa damascene
Laurel Oil - Laurus nobilis
Cypress Oil - Cupressus sempervirens
Yarrow Oil - Achillea millefolium
Ylang Oil - Cananga odorata

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