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Steak Dinner Gift Set Multi Brand Gift Set With Carving Board
Steak Dinner Gift Set Multi Brand Gift Set With Wooden Tongs

Steak Dinner Gift Set

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What do you buy a meat lover? This!

Our selection of two of perfectly balanced spice blend and salt by Kanel, made using real, premium ingredients. No preservatives. No fillers. No hidden allergens. And absolutely, positively no artificial flavourings:

Butcher's Block Spice Blend , pure porcini mushroom mingles with black peppercorns, zesty garlic and chunky sea salt in this flavour-packed butcher’s blend with a lick of heat. But don’t call it a steak rub — because it’s so much more: From roasted veggies to grilled tofu, even layered into creamy pasta or risottos, this addictively all-purpose tasty blend transforms any meal into mouthwatering magic. 

Fiery Sea Salt, blending hand-harvested sea salt with authentic ghost peppers – aka Naga Jolokai, some of the hottest chilis around – it’s mouthwateringly spicy and dangerously addictive. Whether you’re adding a vibrant kick to char-grilled meats or just want a pop of heat on your avocado toast, it’ll leave your tastebuds tingling.

A Paris Pepper Mill - Natural Beechwood, the most classic pepper grinder for your table and your kitchen. The manual grinding adjustment system allows you to change the coarseness of your pepper from crushed corns for steaks to finely ground ones for delicate sauces.

A jumbo cotton tea towel, extra-large linen, ready to tackle any kitchen quest. Wrap your gifts plastic-free. This towel is perfect tool for the zero-waste Japanese Furoshiki gift wrapping technique.


Choose between:

Multi-Function Carving Board, with center meat grip, 12 x 18" / 30 x 45cm, acacia. Designed for carving and serving good-sized roasts.


Dark Acacia Wooden TongsPerfect to use as chopsticks, to serve hors d'oeuvres, appetizers and more and a Glass Jar with Flip Top by Le Parfait, perfect for preserving fresh fruits and vegetables


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At Pretty Clean Shop we repurpose all packaging materials we receive. We encourage you to do the same and keep them going around serving their purpose.
Gift sets are packaged in a gift box made of recycled cardboard. If you wish to opt-out because you have something else in mind to wrap your gift, let us know in the notes.
As with everything in our store, our products are gentle on the environment, humans, and animals. 



  • Butcher's Block Spice Blend by Kanel
  • Fiery Sea Salt by Kanel
  • Paris Pepper Mill - Natural Beechwood
  • Jumbo cotton tea towel (1pc)

choose between:

  • Multi-Function Carving Board


  • Dark Acacia Wooden Tongs and glass jar 

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