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Canadian Beeswax Candle - Votive Living Joan's Candles

Canadian Beeswax Candle - Votive

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These hand-crafted votives candles, sometimes called church candles, are made with pure, wild Canadian beeswax, filtered through clay and charcoal to ensure quality.

All beeswax is from Saskatchewan beekeepers, supporting the local bee industry.

Votive candles are meant to pool and liquefy.  Please always burn votive candles in a fire proof container. 

Beeswax is both sustainable and protects biodiversity. Candles vary in colour and texture because the beeswax is rendered, not refined leaving these things up to the natural foraging habits of the bees.

The colour of the wax changes season to season, depending on what flowers the bees gather pollen and nectar from - to feed the hive.  As the bees move from flower to flower they pollinate our planet.

Cotton Paper Core Wick. Dimensions: 4cm (1.5in) diameter x 4.5cm (1.75in) high


Beeswax is a remarkable natural substance that science still does not fully understand. It is a by-product of honey, which originates in flowers and is made by the youngest honey bees in the colony. These young bees haven't yet become foragers for the plant nectar that ultimately becomes honey. To produce wax, the bees gorge themselves on honey, linking themselves together by the hundreds, and after several hours, the wax begins to flow from pockets on their abdomens. Each bee then scrapes off the wax with their legs and chews it into soft pellets. She then uses them to fashion exquisitely engineered honey-comb cells, with walls of wax that average only 1/100th of an inch thick. This is one of the most efficient storage structures ever developed by any species, including man.


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