At Plantable Greetings we truly believe that businesses need to do more for the world we occupy. In fact the entire foundation of this company was built on that one mentality.  The goal for the company was to produce a unique desirable product that is zero waste and 100% biodegradable. Pretty cool right?

Early on in the process we had our zero waste product and we had a really good feeling about our progression on this project.  
While we were all feeling very accomplished and hopeful for the weeks to come we weren't out of the woods yet. Our major hurdle was still in front of us, we had our carbon footprint from shipping our product to tackle.

Cue our partnership with Pledgeling. This partnership allows us to plant 2 trees for every card sold in areas that need help with reforestation. The number of trees we plant keeps growing!!

The ink used in our cards comes from refillable ink cartridges. We are working on finding recycled paper for our envelopes but we aren’t quite there yet.