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Ava Isa is a line of sunscreen products that aims to challenge the misconception that mineral sunscreens can not be as beautiful as conventional ones. It is possible to have a fully protective all-mineral SPF that has zero white cast, can be used by all, can be silky, fluid or light-weight. We can do it all with no sacrifice.
Ava Isa is based on the hope that we can change the startling statistic that skin cancer is the number one cancer killer for young women (specifically ages 25-30).
Ava Isa is changing the game when it comes to mineral sunscreens. Their best-selling iconic Ava Isa Sun-è-Serum Drops SPF 35 mineral sunscreens to feel as silky as a serum with the protectiveness of a sunscreen. They feature a high concentration of zinc oxide for excellent protection and include our globally patented Bio UVA Ultra technology to increase the UVA protection by up to 60%. The formulas feature a high organic and natural ingredient list with no controversial ingredients. 

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