Join the #REFILLREVOLUTION. Find this icon online and in-store to spot our ever growing selection of products available for refills.


We  continue to be committed to encourage sustainable living and avoid unnecessary plastics during these challenging times. Over the last year we have thoroughly reviewed (multiple times) the possible options to continue to offer refills in a safe and sustainable way.
This is how we do it:
1. Buy refillable products in our pre-filled jars. Price includes $1.25 jar deposit.
2.  When you're done, return your empties clean and with lids. 
3. Swap them for pre-filled jars and pay just for the product!
Or if you don't need anything at that time, get your deposit back as store credit.

  • How do I buy refillables?
You can order online or by phone for curbside pick up or delivery. We pre-fill bulk products in glass jars. When you return them, we clean, sanitize and refill them for the next round. With your help we keep doing this over and over again. The process is time consuming and requires many steps and operational challenges, but we're committed to help reduce the use of unnecessary disposable plastic. 
  • I have lots of empty jars, how do I return them?
When you bring back empty jars and don't need a refill. We will take note of the number of returns and send you a credit for you to use on your next purchase. 
  • Can I bring my own containers?
In order to keep things safe, we won’t be refilling your own containers for now. ⁣⁣😥
With the process we have implemented, we can ensure more efficient use of space and time (both yours and ours), less touch points and a safer environment overall. All while continuing to keep unnecessary plastics out of the landfill.