A commitment to reduce waste by discouraging single-use plastic items and packaging

Zero-Waste Living: Expectation vs. Reality

In light of Zero-Waste Week, we wanted to touch on a topic that constantly comes up with our customers:

Is Zero-Waste living really possible?

Well, not really... 😕

As much as Zero-Waste has recently become a popular topic and a buzz-word that brands, companies, and individuals want to embrace as a flag, the reality is more of a grey zone.
Zero-Waste living is aspirational, an ideal that we as a community look up to. A commitment to reduce waste by discouraging single-use plastic items and packaging. But it's not really an attainable goal per se.
We see Zero-Waste as an umbrella under which other notions, such as low-waste and minimal waste, emanate as guidelines that we can follow at different speed and scale.
It's practically impossible to be 100% zero-waste. Whether it is at home in your personal life, or as a company, producing even the cleanest and most natural of products. There is almost always a thread of waste, from packaging of raw ingredients, equipment, etc. However, we can all continue to do our best to live our lives producing low-waste or minimal waste on different aspects of our routines.
As a company, we operate under the premise of minimal-waste on everything we do, while keeping the broader concept of Zero-Waste as a guiding principle. A hope. 💚
We at Pretty Clean Shop are working hard to offer you all the information you need before making a choice for a product. You can find valuable information about the end of life, and what (almost) all our products can replace. So you can continue on your path for low-waste living. Because even if you've heard it all before, every bit matters.
Pretty Clean Shop Website with packaging and end of life information

What are you doing this week to reduce waste in one room in your house?

Answer in the comment section. We want to hear from you.
Ask yourself this question every week or every month and you're up to a great start!
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