We're moving... But we're staying!

We're moving... But we're staying!

Yes, we’re moving!

But don’t you worry, it’s just down the road, to a bigger and better space that you will love, still right here in the heart of the Junction.

I have been itching to share the wonderful news with you that Pretty Clean Shop will move its headquarters to the old Vesuvio location. YES, that same one!

To say that I am beyond excited is a big understatement, not only because it means so much for our small family business, but because I hold strong sentimental ties to the institution that occupied that space for decades.

When Vesuvio announced in the spring of 2020 on their FB page that they were closing down for good, I was sitting in my kitchen, working from home on trying to figure out how to keep my business afloat during the lockdown of the time. My friends and I texted immediately on our chat in shock, disbelief, frustration and denial. I actually cried real tears of sadness. Several tears.

Vesuvio was our local family spot. The place where everyone in our 3 generational family found a comforting and satisfying meal. I can’t count the number of times we ate there, from celebrations, to big weekend meals. The many weeknights I would get off the subway from working downtown, rush to daycare to get the kids and walk straight to Vesuvio for dinner because I knew very well the situation back home in the kitchen was dire. Their lasagna was second to none, my kids gobbled up every last bite. They were sad to learn they would never eat it again when I shared the news of our favourite restaurant’s closing. We’re still on the hunt for a lasagna that compares. Although at least we can get our pizza fix from Junior's, the next generation of their family.

The last meal we had at the restaurant pre-pandemic was on March 13th, 2020, four days before the world shut down. My husband, kids, their grandparents and I sat down at our favourite back corner table and discussed the evolution of measures in other countries and wondered if the government would actually close everything down in Canada. Little did we know what would be in store for us over the coming months.

Furthermore, never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined I would be back two years later at that very familiar space, not as a starving patron but in my new store.


Our whole team is dancing happy dances and with inevitable silly grins as we plan the move. We’re full of ideas and projects to make the space your favorite place when we welcome you in May. Obviously, we intend to make it happen by reusing, repurposing, and with the least amount of waste possible. So stay tuned to follow our progress on our social media channels.

I thank all of you for your continuing support that has been key in making all of this possible. We can’t wait to open the doors, surprising you with our new baby!

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