The Soaps of Legend

The Soaps of Legend

Legendary Soap ∼

The owner of the Savonnerie des Diligences, Marie-Ève Lejour, a woman of letters and a bachelor of French studies, surrounded by her team, have created a wide variety of artisanal soaps, each with its own legend and illustration, born from the collective imagination of her team.


This challenging project of associating a consumer product (soap) with art and creativity, has influenced the course of the Savonnerie des Diligences history. These soaps, which have created the company's distinction, now convey all the love, as well as all the creativity and intensity of joy that animates it.

So if you are looking for unique soaps, we recommend coming by the store to check these out. Not only will you find some distinctive scents like chocolate, cinnamon, honey, charcoal, or balsam fir, you will also hear the legends that accompany them.


Lady Mellow

This rosewood and lavender soap tells the story of a widow who lost her husband in a tragic tractor accident. Many cats appeared at her home in his absence and one bestowed upon her the magical ability to impart a sense of well-being on those who were suffering. Find Lady Mellow here.

The Fur Trader

A balsam fir scented soap that tells the tale of a coureur de bois, familiar with the forests of New France, who saves the life of the Iroquois Chief's daughter from wolves in the woods. Find the Fur Trader here.

The Dreamer

This tangerine soap tells a story of redemption about a boy who became estranged from his parents due to his inability to focus on his studies. In spite of these early struggles with day dreaming he goes onto great successes in the field of medical research and is able to cure a previously incurable disease that has stricken his mother. Find the Dreamer here.

The Mountain Witch

A clove, lemon and rosemary soap inspired the story of a witch who lived in a cave on a mountain outside of town. As civilization encroached upon her solitude she made the townspeople who ventured too close aware of her presence by creating wildly unpredictable weather patterns. Find the Witch here.

Queen Bee

This honey soap tells the story of death and rebirth. In an armageddon scenario the final remaining bees on Earth find the strength to persevere and recreate a colony of bees that repopulate the planet. Find the Queen here.

La Gitane 

A patchouli soap that tells the story of a travelling fortune teller who moves from town to town. When she ultimately uncovers the palm of a man who is destined to marry her, she retreats to the forest in fear, transforms into a swan and flies away. Find la Gitane here.

The Chocolatier 

This chocolate soap tells the love story of a heartbroken man who retreats to chocolate as his only solace. Ultimately he meets a woman who gives him a bar of chocolate soap and he immediately knows she will show him the path to mending his broken heart. Find the Chocolatier here.

The Chef

A lemon and espresso soap, inspired by the legend of a Chinese chef who immigrated to Quebec to start a restaurant. After initially facing a town who did not appreciate his unfamiliar recipes, it is a tale of perseverance from the chef who ultimately wins their favour with his delicacies. Find the Chef here.

The Matchmaker

This cinnamon soap tells the story of an infamous matchmaker in the red light district of Montreal. Knowing cinnamon can be used as an aphrodisiac she carefully placed it in spots that would set the trap for men and women to fall under its spell. Find the Matchmaker here.


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