Sipping Sustainably with TEALEAVES: Introducing Our Newest Tea Brand

Sipping Sustainably with TEALEAVES: Introducing Our Newest Tea Brand

Enjoying your daily cuppa doesn't have to come at a cost to the environment with TEALEAVES, the newest Canadian luxury tea brand gracing our shelves here at Pretty Clean Shop. As the blender of choice for numerous five-star hotels and international Michelin chefs, TEALEAVES has an unmatched reputation for producing the most exceptional, carefully blended teas with robust and complex flavours as well as respect for the communities from which their ingredients are sourced. Their innovative approach blends not only botanicals but also techniques, stories, people, companies, and ideas. 

Here at Pretty Clean Shop, we resonate with the TEALEAVES manifesto:

"to inject ritual, purpose and intention into the human experience, to incite consciousness of oneself, one's time, and one's impact."

Even more so, we are inspired by the company's ongoing commitment to sustainability and blending for a better world. They take a systems-approach throughout decision-making, working closely with academics and experts to ensure that our enjoyment of connection over a lovely cup of tea supports a future where this is still possible.


Attaining zero-waste across the supply chain.

When it comes to sustainability, it's all about action; we love that TEALEAVES is not only talking-the-talk about their sustainable practices but is walking-the-walk as well, always striving to be better. With an ambitious goal of reaching a zero waste supply chain, the company has begun by tackling packaging waste by using innovative materials. Rather than greenwashing, claiming that their products are 100% eco-friendly, TEALEAVES goes above and beyond by explaining the composition of their biodegradable packaging and how exactly to compost it at home. Further, they are committed to sourcing their raw ingredients from high-quality growers and gardens that utilize sustainable growing practices. 


Blending for a Better World.

Beyond their sustainable ingredient-sourcing and packaging commitments, TEALEAVES is also well-involved in the community through advocacy projects which contribute to sustainable development. One such project is The Garden of Secrets, an initiative to protect biodiversity in partnership with the University of British Columbia Botanical Garden consisting of an open-source learning library and a sustainability-focused documentary.

Another exciting TEALEAVES project is their partnership with United Nations Biodiversity on a "virtual ecosystem" known as Nature X Design. This ecosystem consists of a festival, panels, articles, a biodiversity hub, and other resources with a mission of exploring environmental and social issues through the lens of design principles.

To educate consumers on sustainable agricultural practices, TEALEAVES has also developed the In Good Taste Exploration, a documentary exploring the impacts of monocultures and the homogenization of food, diet, and thought. By amalgamating their learnings throughout this project, the TEALEAVES team created a series of sustainable Botanical Powders and iced tea bags, all of which are available at Pretty Clean Shop.

The series includes the calming Organic Ashwagandha Beetroot Boost, the soul-soothing Organic Wild Dandelion Cocoa, and the tension-relieving Organic Golden Turmeric Chai. These teas were consciously crafted with ingredients specifically selected for both their health properties and environmental prowess, invigorating you from the inside out while safeguarding the plants used to make them.

Evidently, TEALEAVES is an industry leader in sustainability practices and advocacy, and we are proud to be welcoming their products onto our shelves.

Join us in celebrating this exceptional brand by filling your teacup with a tea of your choice from the new collection. Pinkies up!

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