Looking for Sustainable Holiday Décor? Plastic-free repurposed holiday ornaments

October is over, which means that - for us winter-lovers – it is officially holiday season!

Here at Pretty Clean Shop, we believe that the best gift you can give during the holidays is your love and experiences to share. Nonetheless, we know how special it can be to give a thoughtfully-chosen, meaningful gift for a loved one. This is why we try our best to stock a wide variety of high-quality, sustainable, low-waste products and gift sets so that you can find something suitable for everyone on your wish list.

But what about sustainable holiday décor? We’ve got you covered for that as well! 

It’s no surprise that many of the typical glittery ornaments and other holiday decorations you can find in big box stores aren’t the most sustainable options, as they are often composed of plastic and are not made to last.

To solve this issue, we at Pretty Clean Shop have searched far and wide for the most sustainable holiday decorations available. When we came across the brand PaperSpree, we knew we needed to bring their beautiful products to the Junction community!

Whether you’re looking for stunning, handmade, plastic-free, and low-waste ornaments, tabletop decorations, or paper gift/storage boxes, PaperSpree has got you covered. Check them out here

We were especially impressed by the PaperStree story. Based out of Hannon, Ontario, founders Nandu and Abeda Oturkar sought to produce paper-based products that were not only eco-friendly but that also reflected their cultural roots in India. Contrary to the typical mass-produced holiday decorations, PaperSpree products are all uniquely handmade by villagers and artisans using 100% recycled materials.

The recycled paper is made from cotton fabric waste by-products from the apparel industry. The paper is beautifully screen-printed and, though it is incredibly durable, can be composted at the end of life.

PaperSpree also makes leather goods from tannery waste salvaged from landfills. All of their products comply with the Global Recycled Standard, Sedex, and Ethical Trading.

We are so happy to be supporting such a sustainable and socially-responsible company here at Pretty Clean Shop! Be sure to check out some of our favourite PaperSpree holiday décor – we love the Paper Trees, Ornaments, Honeycomb Ornaments, and Mache Balls. Cheers to a sustainable holiday season!

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