If you have a love affair with the candle flame, beeswax has a lot to offer...

If you have a love affair with the candle flame, beeswax has a lot to offer...

Beeswax candles offer the most healthy and enlightened candle burning experience on Earth. Candles made from pure beeswax are a renewable resource producing a bright, white light (in the same spectrum as sunlight).

They burn completely clean - non-toxic and non-allergenic.  They contain no paraffin, benzene, acrolyn, lead, stearic acid, or any chemicals. Yes, these are major differences between candles made from beeswax vs paraffin.  There's a reason those paraffin tealight candles are so cheap at the dollar stores. Unlike paraffin's burn off, beeswax reacts more like water and evaporates by the heat of the flame. This is one of the reasons why beeswax doesn't smoke.  This is also why you should mantain the wick ar 1/4 inch (the higher the flame, the hotter the flame, the faster the evaporation).

Using beeswax candles may even clean the air and make you feel better! Beeswax is the only fuel known to science that releases a negative ion as you burn it. These are proven to eliminate dust, pollen, mould, smoke, food odour and pet dander, as well as airborne germs and bacteria. These ions are nature's way way of cleaning up Man's pollution per se. They are a fundamental aspect of our planet's survival and are found in high concentrations in several ecological areas like mountain regions, seashores, waterfalls, and oceans' tides. Electrical storms and rainfall also release tremendous amount of negative ions. These ions help alleviate asthma and allergies and invigorate the most basic cells of the human body.  Beeswax also promotes healthier and less fitful sleep and dream patterns.

And that sweet aroma though... is the true essence of 10,000 flowers.  


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