Everything You Need to Know About Ayurvedic Dry Brushing

Everything You Need to Know About Ayurvedic Dry Brushing

It’s January. It’s cold. And, if you’re anything like me, your skin is probably in need of some TLC. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Ayurvedic dry brushing is an excellent way to exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin not just during these cold, dry months, but all year round. Read on to learn everything you need to know about Ayurvedic dry brushing, including its benefits, how to do it correctly (yes, there’s a method!), and what sustainable products you need to get started. Glowing, healthy skin is just around the corner!

What is Ayurvedic dry brushing?

Here at Pretty Clean Shop, we have learned much about Ayurveda through partnering with one of our favourite sustainable skincare brands, Sahajan. Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word meaning “the science of life”; it is a mind-body science focused on helping us to achieve balance through practices like yoga, meditation, plant-based remedies, and – you guessed it – dry brushing. 

Ayurvedic dry brushing is a traditional practice known as garshana and is a technique that has been used for those who experience ama, which consists of toxins or undigested metabolic waste products in the body. These toxins can manifest in feelings of fatigue, dullness, constipation, or an overworked immune system. By practicing Ayurvedic dry brushing, you can promote lymphatic drainage to help remove the ama and feel healthy and energized.

Simply, Ayurvedic dry brushing is a daily or regular practice of daily massage whereby you use a dry, stiff brush in specific directions and areas of the body to promote numerous health and wellness benefits.

What are the benefits of dry brushing?

There are numerous benefits of dry brushing, all of which have contributed to its popularity and widespread use over the years. These benefits include the following:

  • Stimulating lymphatic drainage and the removal of toxins
  • Skin exfoliation
  • Stimulating blood circulation and promoting energy
  • Clearing pores and improving skin texture

While Ayurvedic dry brushing has many amazing benefits, it’s also important to note that it is not for everyone. If you have any skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, open wounds, sensitive skin, or inflamed skin, you should proceed with caution and always consult a doctor before beginning a new self-care practice.

How do I dry brush correctly? 

So, you’re ready to get started with incorporating Ayurvedic dry brushing massage into your self-care routine? Here is a step-by-step guide for how to get the most benefits out of this traditional practice.

  1. When: While you may only want to incorporate dry brushing into your routine once a week, this practice is safe to do daily or even twice a day if you’d like. Since the process is energizing, many people prefer to dry brush in the morning when their skin is dry, just before their shower. Do not apply lotion or oil prior to this massage – you can do that afterwards!
  2. Where: Dry brushing is best done in a dry shower or bathtub, or while standing on a towel, because it will prevent any dry skin from accumulating on the floor. If this is part of your pre-shower routine, remember to store the brush in a dry place before turning on the water!
  3. How: The rule of thumb is to always stroke towards the heart. Start at your feet and move up your body, applying firm pressure on areas with thicker skin and slightly gentler pressure on areas with thinner skin. On the stomach, buttocks, and joints, you can use clockwise circular brush strokes, and on the arms and legs, you can use long linear brush strokes.

When you’re done, having a shower is a great way to wash off dry skin cells and leave you feeling refreshed! Once you are dry again, you can use a body oil or butter to moisturize your skin.

What sustainable products can I use to get started with dry brushing?

Here at Pretty Clean Shop, we have everything you need to get started with Ayurvedic dry brushing! From brushes to post-shower butters and oils, your self-care routine is about to get extra luxurious and revitalizing. 

We offer several dry brushes that provide unique benefits for people with different skin types and needs. Our dry brushing body brush with a comfortable handle is ethically-made in Sri Lanka and is composed entirely of plant-fibres. For those with more sensitive skin, you can try our sensitive skin version of the same body brush. Or, if you’d prefer a more circular-shaped option, our massage brush knob by Redecker could be the perfect brush for you. If you’d prefer to focus on stimulating your skin in particular areas, you might want to give our exfoliating bikini brush, coconut fibre foot brush, dry/wet brushing back brush, or dry/wet massage face brush a try. Finally, for those looking to try incorporating brushes with copper bristles to stimulate energetic synthesis, check out our ionic body massage brush or our exfoliating glove for a unique experience. 

Post-shower, you’ll be ready for some moisture. If you’re an oil person, you’ll love our house-made One and Only Oil, the Luxe Body Oil by Wildcraft, or the Sexy Sadie Body Oil by Routine. If you’re more of a butter person, definitely give our house-made Whipped Body Butter in Soothe or Lavender a shot, or go for the Blush Body Butter by Matter. If you’d prefer a lotion, try our Moisturizing Solid Lotion Bar, the Seabuckthorn All-Over Lotion by Living Libations, or the Illuminate Body Cream by Wildcraft.

We also offer a convenient Dry Brushing Gift Set that contains everything you’ll need to begin your Ayurvedic dry brushing journey. Now that you know the ins and outs of dry brushing, why not give it a shot? We’re here to help you every step of the way here at Pretty Clean Shop.

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