DIY Cleaning with Four Non-Toxic ingredients

DIY Cleaning with Four Non-Toxic ingredients

Here at Pretty Clean Shop, we take pride in offering a growing selection of cleaning products that are efficient, safe and environmentally friendly.

We know that many household products sold in supermarkets are potentially harmful for humans and the planet. This is why many of our customers look to DIY options for which we offer bulk ingredients to create a wide range of effective household cleaning products.


The four ingredients we'll be looking at are:

- CONCENTRATED VINEGAR: Vinegar is highly acidic and the acid kills harmful bacteria while very effective, it does not harm humans.

- BAKING SODA: Baking Soda is abrasive, meaning it can scrub away messes by gently scratching the surface.

- SODIUM PERCARBONATE: It is a great alternative to chlorine (bleach), less corrosive and less dangerous. Acts as a stain remover and a whitening and disenfecting agent.

- SODA ASH: Sodium carbonate, has a strong degreasing power and water softener. It is antifungal and antibacterial.


Here are some simple formulas for daily housekeeping using a variety of safe and green cleaning tips.



Vinegar can be used without moderation: it is colourless, the smell evaporates quickly, and it is of no danger for the environment. Excellent disinfectant. Good anti-scale agent and fabric softener.

Remove limescale on shower glass doors

1/2 cup 12% vinegar
1/4 cup dishwashing liquid
1 glass spray bottle

Heat the vinegar for 1 minute before pouring it into the spray bottle
Add dishwashing liquid
Spray on the surface to be cleaned
Wait 30 minutes
Rub with a sponge
Bye bye limescale!



It is eco-friendly and inexpensive. Can be used in the kitchen, for body care, for home maintenance, in the garden and for animal care. Excellent alternative to expensive and potentially dangerous household products.

Clean the toilet bowl


1/2 cup baking soda

1/4 cup white vinegar

Afew drops of essential oil of lemon, tea tree or pine



  • Mix and pour into toilet bowl.
  • Allow effervescent reaction to subside
  • Scrub with a brush



It is used in many commercial stain removers and bleaches, but often with additives. Whitening, disinfectant and deodorizes. It is biodegradable.

To clean and disinfect reusable diapers, reusable menstrual pads and any other dingy or heavily stained fabric.

4 litres of hot water
2 to 4 tbsps sodium percarbonate

Soak for 24 hours.
Wash in the washing machine with regular detergent.
Add more sodium percarbonate if desired.



Powerful degreaser, stain remover and whitener. Softens water. Ecological and harmless for the environment and humans. Biodegradable.


For oven and barbecue grills


Mix one part soda ash with one part hot water.


  • Apply this paste to grease and charred food debris.
  • Rub with a brush and let stand overnight.
  • Clean with a wet sponge.


Alternative: Soak grills in a basin full of hot water with 1/2 cup of soda ash, then scrub with a brush or scouring pad.


Be sure that the products you use are good for both you and the planet. Be always on the lookout for eco-responsible and truly effective solutions.


Here are three guidelines:


  • Look for ingredients that are from natural sources, plant or mineral based.


  • Look for phosphate free, chlorine free and toxic acid free products.


  • Look for free of formaldehyde SLS, that is plant based, from coconut.


Do your own research, look for known behavioral toxins, carcinogens, developmental toxins, endocrine disruptors, fire retardants, heavy metals, neurotoxins, high risk pesticides, reproductive toxins, toxic solvents or harmful VOCs.

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