Did you know your old mascara wands can be re-used to protect wildlife?

Did you know your old mascara wands can be re-used to protect wildlife?

A little while ago we heard from our partner Elate cosmetics that mascara wands were an excellent tool to care for small animals and birds. So our team looked into it and after a bit of research found a wildlife rescue centre in Durham that needed them. 

We learnt that wands are useful to clean off sick animals as they don't break the feathers of birds and are gentle on fur. Healthy fur and feather speeds up the recovery and amount of time an animal has to stay at a wildlife centre.

We are delighted to have partnered up with Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue Centre to offer our community a drop off point at The Pretty Clean Shop. All you need to do is bring your used mascara wands clean and dry and we will take care of the rest. Best way to clean your wands is with warm water and soap.  

Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue is licensed by the Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry and Canadian Wildlife Services to rescue, rehabilitate and release sick, injured, abandoned and orphaned wildlife.

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Can I mail clean wands directly to you?


Used wands. Are they still accepting? If so, can one mail them directly? Thank you.

Gail Poirier

Hi, are you still taking mascara donation?


Jade Trinh

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