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Solid Perfume Salve Wellness Lip Service Beauty
Solid Perfume Salve Wellness Lip Service Beauty
Solid Perfume Salve Wellness Lip Service Beauty

Solid Perfume Salve

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Vegan solid perfumes, plant based, handmade in small batches, ethical and cruelty free.

  • Our solid perfume salves can be used on your pulse points, like wrists and décolletage for a bright scent.
  • Apply to knuckles, cuticles or dry spots for an incredible healing salve.
  • Use as a fancy lip balm or even on the ends of your hair!


Rose Vanilla Bean: Topped with dried mini roses and tiny rose quartz healing crystals. This rose oil is hand made and infused from the maker's own garden in the Niagara region. Rose can aid with hormone balance, improve your mood and has anti-inflammatory effects healing your skin. Rose quartz (the crystal of love) will aid in self love, opening up the heart chakra and managing your feelings.

Sunny Citrus: Bring some sunshine to your day with this bright, cold pressed essential oil blend of grapefruit, orange and lemon. Topped with dried lemon peel and citrine healing crystals. 

Citrine healing crystals clear negative energy and can help you harness opportunity, prosperity and abundance. The "money" stone can help uplift your mood and elevate your energy. Citrus essential oils are incredible at boosting your mood and are very antibacterial.

Lavender: Perfect for travel and makes a great gift for the all natural, earth lover. Infused with lavender essential oil from Neob Niagara. Topped with dried lavender and tiny amethyst crystals. Amethyst stones are natural stress relievers with healing properties that rid negative energy and encourage inner strength, wealth and clarity of the mind. Lavender has been known to reduce stress, anxiety, emotional stress; improves brain function and sleep.


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