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Reusable Swedish Dishcloth / Sponge - Nutcracker - by Ecologie Home Now Designs Nutcracker

Reusable Swedish Dishcloth / Sponge - Nutcracker - by Ecologie

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Made from cotton and plant-based cellulose fibres, this 100% compostable cloth is an established must-have in Scandinavia. It offers a sustainable alternative to sponges, dishcloths and paper towels and becomes soft and pliable when wet for easy clean-up.

Perfect for wiping counters, appliances, little hands and faces, and keeping spills and messes under control.


70% cellulose 30% cotton
W6.5 x L8 inch
Made in Sweden 

How to use

Wash in washing machine, dishwasher or by hand. Can be soaked in vinegar or baking soda to remove smells. The sponge will break down slowly and when you're ready to discard, throw it in the compost bin. Lasts approximately 6 months.  

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