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Fenwick Candles

Organic Coconut Wax Candle - Lemongrass - Fenwick Candles

Organic Coconut Wax Candle - Lemongrass - Fenwick Candles

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Organic coconut wax aromatherapy candle.

Size: Available in Small (2.5oz / 20hr) and Large (13oz / 80hr)

PLANT NAME: cymbopogon citatus

ORIGIN: india

AROMA: tangy tropical grass

Invigorate your senses and cleanse your creative space. Bright grassy citrus encourages elevation of your circulatory and central nervous systems. 


Native to Africa, Australia, and Asia, Cymbopogon citatus is one of two basic types of lemongrass. The first plants were discovered in West India. 

Citatus refers to the sharp, citrus, lemon-like scent. Cymbopogon is derived from the Greek words kymbe ("bot") and pogon ("beard"). This is a reference to the structural appearance of the plant: tall, hairy blades of grass protruding from a boat-shaped spathe.

This particular variety of lemongrass has a long history of use in herbal medicine in both India and Africa. According to the oldest surviving medicinal Sanskrit document dating back to the third century B.C., this plant was used first to combat fever. In addition to medicinal use, the grass was widely used in rituals as aromatic body wash and perfume.

Citral is the main constituent of lemongrass oil. This powerful component is antiviral, antiseptic, and antibacterial. It's also a sedative on the central nervous system, relieving headaches and general stress.

A well-known cousin of lemongrass is citronella, or Cymbopogon nardus. The two plants look remarkably similar, but with subtle differences in colour. Citronella is not encouraged for consumption, while lemongrass is. However, both host powerful properties, including the ability to ward off mosquitoes!



  • Proprietary organic coconut wax
  • 100% essential oil extracted through steam distillation of fresh flowering tops and young twigs
  • 100% cotton wick

There are no harmful synthetics in our products, only pure natural ingredients! Our candles are petroleum-free, soy-free, lead-free, cruelty-free, and non-GMO. They are packaged with recyclable materials.


This product is packaged in a glass jar that is reusable or recyclable through glass or single-stream recycling.


This product is an alternative to candles composed of synthetic materials, fragrances, or chemicals.


This product should be used until finished but is otherwise 100% compostable.


At Fenwick Candles, they craft their candles from their very own organic coconut wax and 100% essential oils. They make their wax by balancing aromatherapy with ethical and sustainable practices. Handcrafted in Canada.


We're pleased to offer the following options for delivery. 

**NEW extended GTA wide coverage**
Order online and select "Ship/Deliver"
 Orders over $175 have FREE DELIVERY within the GTA.
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**NEW extended GTA wide coverage**
Order online and select "Ship/Deliver"
Orders over $175 have FREE DELIVERY within the GTA.

Please enter a cell phone number so our delivery service can send you TEXT notifications on your order. If you have specific instructions for the delivery write them on the "Order notes" (if you want it hidden behind a certain plant, or under a chair, etc.) For local deliveries always remember to input your cell phone number at check out to ensure you receive text message updates and track your package.

Delivery schedule: Our local delivery drivers collect orders every Monday and Thursday and will have them to your door within twenty four (24) hours of the time they picked them up.

*NOTE for CONDO and APARTMENT buildings, please leave a phone number where we can reach you when we are on our way. We will call you and leave the package outside your building, our team is not able to buildings. Please enter buzzer number when applicable and any indication that package can be left with concierge or at lobby.

GTA delivery area includes:
Toronto, Vaughan, Woodbridge, Ajax, Concord, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Markham, Brampton, Milton, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Scarborough.


Free shipping on orders over $175, before taxes. Canada wide. Shipped by Canada Post Expedited Parcel.

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We repurpose all packaging materials we receive for order shipments, including any cardboard boxes, paper, tissue, and corn-based packing peanuts. We use recyclable paper tape with water activated adhesive. Sometimes, plastic wrapping falls on our hands from certain vendors. We keep it for situations where a bit of bubble wrap will help better protect your product. 

We encourage you to repurpose it and keep it going around :)

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