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Hanging Plant Basket Home Pokoloko Black/Natural
Hanging Plant Basket Home Pokoloko Triple-Stripe
Hanging Plant Basket Home Pokoloko
Hanging Plant Basket Home Pokoloko

Hanging Plant Basket

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This directly-traded basket is versatile in use for your plants, dried flowers, or to store items in your bedroom, bath or kitchen.

Each basket is handmade by skilled Indonesian artisans with both natural and recycled materials, these offer versatile use in or outside your home. This basket can hold small and medium sized plants, personal accessories, treasures, and more. Durable, beautiful, and useful.

Makes a meaningful gift for weddings, house warmings, & milestone celebrations, with the option of the basket replacing wrapping paper. Great for indoor or outdoor use.

This basket design was curated by artist and BC sales manager Judith Brock, the Poko Team, and brought to life by the Balinese artisans, using seagrass and recycled plastic rope. Seagrass is a fast growing plant that many Indonesian farmers will grow specifically for artisan use. Once dried, it is woven into a durable product.

Size: 4.8" opening x 6"W x 6.2"H

Available in: Black/natural and triple-stripe 

    Made in Indonesia.


      This product is composed of woven seagrass and recycled plastic rope.

      HOW TO USE

      To clean, wipe with a soft cloth gently dampened. 


      This product is 100% package-free!


      This product should be used for as long as possible and then donated to give it a new life. The seagrass components are compostable and the recycled plastic components are disposable.


      Pokoloko products are artisan made, carbon neutral, ethically sourced, and fairly and directly traded. What started as a dream in the back of the founder's car, has grown to over 1000 boutiques across North America in support of over 100 artisan families in South America, Turkey, Morocco, and Indonesia. These artisans can count on sustainable income and healthy work environments thanks to the incredible support of the Pokoloko community. Pokoloko is always striving to do more for their makers, their Poko family, and the world we live in. Every time you buy from Pokoloko, they plant 2 trees in the Pokoloko forest to offset CO2 emissions accumulated in the process of sourcing material, creating their goods and shipping them to you. 

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