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Microgreen Starter Kit

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We've partnered up with Junction family business to bring you this organic microgreen starter kit that is fun and educational for adults and kids. Recently profiled in the Toronto Star, the kit's seed mix produces five different types of deliciously fresh and nutrient-rich microgreens: broccoli and/or radish, clover, alfalfa and fenugreek.

 • Nutritious - packed with vitamins and other micronutrients

 • Easy - can be grown virtually anywhere (inside our out) anytime of the year

 • Delicious - add fresh favour and crunch to your meals and smoothies

  Kid-friendly- educational and fun 

We've designed the kits with the environment in mind. The seeds and the soil are certified organic. All the kit's packaging is made from paper and cardboard and is fully recyclable. And after harvesting, the soil with plant roots and stems can go straight in your green bin. There is zero plastic in this kit!

The kit comes with (almost) everything you need to grow your own microgreens. All you need to supply are two growing containers - a couple of old pie trays or tupperwares, for example, and a spray bottle.

Kit Contents:

First up is the organic Pro-Mix soil. This is the growing medium you will place in the containers before sowing your seeds.

Next are the seeds - two varieties are supplied. The Broccoli Salad Mix contains organic Broccoli, Alfalfa and Clover seeds. And the Spicy Salad Mix contains organic Radish, Fenugreek, Alfalfa and Clover seeds. Both are delicious!

Finally, we've included instructions - step-by-step guidance on the entire growing process, from preparing the soil through to harvesting the microgreens. We've even suggested a few ways to eat your microgreens!

Happy Farming and Bon Appetit!

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