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LeafShave Gift Set Multi Brand Gift Set

LeafShave Gift Set

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Make the switch to sustainable and plastic-free grooming and enjoy the ritual of shaving with this gift set. It includes:


Our Shaving Cream Butter is a soft soap whipped with organic safflower oil and is amazingly moisturizing and soothing. A little bit goes a long way. Made with Lavender essential oil, this shaving butter will keep you feeling relaxed and will fill the whole shower with a stunning aroma. Simply scoop out a small amount, combine with a little water and rub your hands together to produce a velvety lather. Apply the lather and shave, your skin will love you!

A Razor by LeafShave that has a special feature that makes it perfect for sensitive skin or sensitive areas. By loading only 1 or 2 blades instead of all three, you can reduce the aggressiveness of the shave, and make it more comfortable for your sensitive skin.


Razor Stand for LeafShave Razor. Display your Leaf razor proudly on your countertop with our convenient stand.


A classic Turkish towel by Lualoha made of 100% sustainably grown Turkish premium cotton and it perfect to use as a hand or facial towel. It is lightweight, super quick to dry, super soft, and pre-washed, and has hand-tied tassels.



At Pretty Clean Shop we repurpose all packaging materials we receive. We encourage you to do the same and keep them going around serving their purpose.
Gift sets are packaged in a gift box made of recycled cardboard. If you wish to opt-out because you have something else in mind to wrap your gift, let us know in the notes.
As with everything in our store, our products are gentle on the environment, humans, and animals. 


Shaving Cream Butter Lavender
Razor by LeafShave
Razor Stand for LeafShave Razor
Classic Small Turkish Towel - Charcoal - by Lualoha


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