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Clean Surfaces Starter Kit

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Starter kit with the essentials for squeaky clean surfaces at home, office, and on the go.

A mighty combo of 12% concentrated vinegar for cleaning and disinfecting, and a concentrated surface sanitizer to finish it off and kill germs and viruses of frequently touched surfaces. Perfectly matched with a roll of 5 double ply reusable unpaper cotton towels to wipe your life clean over and over and over again. 


At Pretty Clean Shop we repurpose all packaging materials we receive. We encourage you to do the same and keep them going around serving their purpose.
As with everything in our store, our products are gentle on the environment, humans, and animals. 



  • Reusable Unpaper Cotton Towels Cheeks Ahoy
  • surface Sanitizer 500ml jar
  • Concentrated Cleaning Vinegar 12% 500 ml 

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