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Artisan Bread Lover Pro Gift Set Gift Set Multi Brand Gift Set
Artisan Bread Lover Pro Gift Set Gift Set Multi Brand Gift Set

Artisan Bread Lover Pro Gift Set

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Everything you need to begin (or continue) your sourdough bread baking journey!

A proper rattan banneton fermenting basket, a beautiful reversible cotton bowl cover and a 2-piece tool set including a lame to score your bread and a sturdy dough whisk with a substantial wood handle.

All of these in a large cotton bag with plenty of space to hold two bread boules so you can keep you bread fresh and your crust... well crusty. 

This set includes the practical book Artisan Sourdough Made Simple, ideal for the beginner, intermediate and even the pro bread baker with many alternatives to step up your baking game or give it a twist.

You can add a message for your loved one in the notes. 


At Pretty Clean Shop we repurpose all packaging materials we receive. We encourage you to do the same and keep them going around serving their purpose.
Gift sets are packaged in a gift box made of recycled cardboard. If you wish to opt-out because you have something else in mind to wrap your gift, let us know in the notes.
As with everything in our store, our products are gentle on the environment, humans, and animals. 


 - Book Artisan Sourdough Made Simple

- Banneton - Sourdough Bread Proofing Basket ROUND / Regular (approx. 20cm/7.8" diameter)

- Reversible Cotton Bowl Cover

- Large Cotton Bag 

- Danish Dough Whisk

Bread Lame

Dough Scraper Bench Knife - Stainless Steel 

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